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Stormwater BMPs are essential in the filtration of stormwater runoff as it flows from our cities into streams, rivers, bays, and oceans.

We, as a society, have the vital responsibility of maintaining these structures to ensure not only overall aesthetic beauty but more importantly preventing harmful pollutants from destroying healthy water supplies for our communities.

Stormwater Retention Services
& Stormwater Management

Retention Pond Services, Inc. was launched in 1996 by Glenn H. Garrett, president and owner, after he witnessed the stormwater retention basin damage left by hurricanes that same year. He recognized the severe environmental repercussions of poorly maintained stormwater retention structures and sought viable solutions to prevent similar damage to our communities in the future.

Now more than ten years after its inception, Retention Pond Services, Inc. is an all-inclusive stormwater retention management and stormwater BMP company equipped to manage all facets involved with the retention pond maintenance and remediation of all stormwater retention structures. Our staff is comprised of highly trained, certified, and knowledgeable BMP specialists that understand Federal, State, and Local Compliance Regulations. Not only does the Retention Pond Services staff possess the ability to provide innovative solutions to our clients’ stormwater retention and BMP needs, they have developed a strong rapport with government water quality agencies in order to act as liaisons on behalf of our clients.

Because we are conscious of the harmful effects of a poorly maintained stormwater BMPs, we make sure that every project is done right the first time. Excellence is key.


  • Ensuring a functional stormwater system
  • Protecting life and health
  • Minimizing property damage
  • Protecting water quality